About us

For more than 20 years our highly experienced team of skilled makers have been producing the highest quality of hand-sewn curtains and made to measure curtain poles.

The traditional craft and passion that is put into our curtains and curtain poles is the ultimate method for producing the perfect curtains and poles to professional standards. For generations our craft manufacturing team based in beautiful rural East Anglia have been using a network of local suppliers of raw materials to minimise carbon footprint and benefit the local economy, making our curtains and curtain poles 100% made in Britain.

The quality of the materials used is the same as demanded by professional interior designers and architects.

Tracks and poles are subject to carefully perfected processes so they are made to exact measurements. Perfect cuts, perfectly finished using professional cutting and finishing equipment creating a perfect fit for any window.

We are true perfectionists in everything we produce and this shows in our products. We strive for the highest quality possible, using the most efficient manufacturing methods.

All our curtains are handsewn which eliminates visible sewing lines, poorly hemmed curtains, uneven headings and imperfect pattern matching. We also never compromise on fullness, so we will use full widths where others may use half widths. Extra details like sewn in weights and superior quality linings make all the difference.

Our history, experience and commitment in producing the highest quality curtains will help you find your perfect set of curtains.